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Aaand just like that, we're at the end of 2023! Yay? Nay? How did 2023 go for you guys? I hope it's mostly good, but this is life so naturally there will be ups and downs, and I hope the downs aren't too bad for you. As for me, I love to focus on the positive side of let's have a look at some of my personal highlights this year!

Some numbers, as I'm proud of what I do and I love to pat myself in the back :

  • 49 covers

  • 5 personal artworks

  • 13 pages of comic (all unpublished yet...stay tuned!)

  • 52 commissions

  • 4 international comic conventions

  • 2 local conventions

These numbers are slightly lower compared to last year, as I've changed my workflow to not use digital inks all my works are manually inked before getting colored digitally. It took a little more time, but the satisfaction level is much much higher! My inking skills has evolved significantly in a short amount of time as well, if I do say so myself heheh.

Timeline wise - I released my first solo exclusive, W0RLDTR33 #1 in February which had a nice sell-out (Thanks, fellas!). In March, I launched my personal online store featuring my 2023 sketchbook, CHAPTER II, the first of many to come. Then in April, I decided to keep my blog active, providing consistent updates with book reviews, in-depth look into my work, my thought process etc. Lastly, in November, my first officially licensed giclée prints—SPAWN 346 and SCORCHED 22—went live on my store! All of these are what I aimed to accomplish in 2022, so I can proudly say that I achieved all of my goals for last year! Below are some of my personal favourite pieces :


So, here's something to look forward to for next year. First up :

This is a personal project from me and my good friend - the kickass maestro Hoi Mun, and will be dropping Q2 of 2024. What is it going to be? Well, that you will have to wait and find out... heheh. Secondly, I will be focusing more on interiors. Nothing too crazy; I'm not really an interior guy. It's still too much work if I were to tackle a whole book! Just short stories playing around with storytelling cuz Im feeling it heheh. Here's an example of my interior work, if this is something you dig, make sure to stay tuned to KILLSWITCH announcement next year!



Works aside, my wife and I finally had a proper honeymoon together after being married for 3 years! We went to Switzerland & France. It was short, but definitely the best time of our life. Here are some pictures from the trip...looking back, we really wanted another escape ahhh.....=3=


Anyway, I want to express my gratitude to every single one of my supporter, those who bought my covers, commissioned me, those who subscribed to my website, read my blogs, or even ordered a thing or two from my store. I felt the love and that really motivates me to keep drawing! So THANK YOU and THANK YOU!!

Much love to all of you and I'll see you guys next year. Happy holidays! Kael.


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