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I've been experimenting with creating my own giclée prints for the past year or so, inspired by the maestro Chris Stevens. I first saw Chris working on his own giclées around 2018, and I immediately purchased a few pieces from him. If you've never heard of Chris before, kindly check out his works on his Instagram. You won't regret it.

Chris Stevens giclée prints

So, I'm really enjoying making homemade prints. Choosing the right printer, learning about printing terms, trying out different paper types, and learning from all those technical details are an awesome experience. Making giclées is an expensive process, so every time I make an error print, it literally costs me money. The inks are expensive, and it's challenging to obtain the papers from where I live. Which is why giclées are so pricey. Despite that, I still enjoy doing it as the result is just beautiful, and it feels different when you can control the quality yourself. If you've ever come across a giclée print before, you'll know how beautiful it is when viewed up close. That powdery feel to the surface, that matte yet striking color – it's just perfect! Anyway, let's talk about the point of this post - I recently obtained permission from Todd McFarlane Productions to produce official prints of my Spawn covers! You all know how proud I am of my Spawn covers, thanks to the cough infamous SPAWN #303 exclusive from a few years ago, heheh.

SPAWN #303 in Singapore Comic Con 2019

After about four years, I got the opportunity to work with the team again to produce direct variants in conjunction with their monthly Artist Spotlight program. Mine came out around the month of September, totaling four covers that took over all Spawn-related books. SPAWN #346 and THE SCORCHED #22 will be available for the first time as fine art giclée prints in size of a massive 14" x 22" (ultra-limited quantity of 50) for those who love going premium on their wall art. Each print ensures a perfect reproduction of my digital file, so the colors are very accurate. They look stunning in person. Printed at home with an Epson fine art printer, on Hot Press Bright, acid-free, certified archival Fine Art Paper. Each print is hand-numbered and signed by me!

14"X22" together with 11"X17"


14"X22" size comparison with actual comic

So, I've noticed that not a lot of you actually read the notes when you purchase from my store. The prints will ship AFTER December 15th, when I get back from my last show of the year - Singapore Comic Con. If you have any special requests, feel free to drop me a message before that, and I will try my best to accommodate, alright?

Anyway, here's a size comparison with the actual SPAWN #346 comic. I love big prints myself as they look really majestic on a wall. If you love my work and enjoy collecting fine art prints, feel free to grab one for yourself from my store! For those of you who have already purchased one or two, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I know the shipping is a killer, as we ship from MALAYSIA... but that is something that I can't control, so my apologies. We will continue to explore other options that are more affordable, though so far, this is the best there is.


Yes! I'm slowly adding more prints, including SPAWNS, SIDESHOW ARTIST'S PROOFS, MARVEL PRINTS, etc. I'm doing this in my downtime with my wife, so we don't have a lot of extra hands, and it's taking a lot of time to list everything. The good thing is, it's coming together slowly but surely! Haha.

Peace out!


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